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A place to learn and grow together

Each school year, IBC students gather around management and supervisory staff to celebrate the start of the school year.
This ceremony marks the beginning of a voluntary commitment to the work and the relationships between teachers and students. The school director welcomes students and provide them with all the advices and weapons necessary to face the school year and conscientiously prepare them for the official exams.
The willingness to work… discipline and diligence… well-being and living together… are not values taken lightly at IBC. They are the engine that drives to success!

Our focus

Since 1976, he has set up an educational project which objective is to make an effective and operational school-family partnership, until then perceived in cameroonian schools as a simple slogan. Its systemic approach will be based on:

psychopedagogical training of teachers
follow-up and psycho-pedagogical support of the pupils in relation to their school, family and relationship difficulties
„Parents' school“ in order to give them the tools to understand, follow and support their children on a cognitive and emotional level.

Our vision

Since 2015, as school director, he has operationalized this approach which has already beared fruit, as the results tables indicates. Its vision is based on the following concepts:

Discipline – on the disciplinary level, a humanizing discipline

Education – in terms of education, the choice was made on the affective approach associated with a competence-based approach.

Team spirit – at the managerial level, an administration of a consultative type supported by a team spirit.

The principal during the parent’s school session

The Integ Bilingual College is directed by Jean MOUBEB, psychologist and PhD student in clinical psychopathology. He is the precursor of psychology in cameroonian schools.

Dear students, teachers and parents,

You are the essential links in the educational chain and guarantors of the school-family partnership. The school administration is only a facilitator. This partnership is made by you, for you and for the benefit of our children who is the main object. Their success undoubtedly depends on your commitment and the involvement of each of you in the role and status you occupy.

To you parents, we tell you that the first school begins with the family. Your child’s adaptation to school will depend on the values ​​you instill in him as a family. Family dialogue and your active participation in the “parents’ school” training sessions that we organize each term will be of great help to you. Your child will be what you want him to be.

To the students, whatever your family status (united family, single parent, reconstituted family, parental substitutes, etc.) we invite you to become aware of and take charge of your destiny. What you become tomorrow will depend on your efforts today. Success or failure is a life choice.

To my dear fellow teachers, know that you are teachers and you should make disciples of yourself through the transmission of cognitive as well as emotional values. Our educational option – affective approach – should make you parents before you are teachers. Through your intellectual culture, you bring the scientific authority that would allow you to establish a bond of emotional attachment with your learners, prior to any transmission of knowledge.

Finally, our vision for a school of excellence is based on a humanizing discipline, a pedagogy of trust and compassion oriented by an emotional approach. The new school to which we aspire aims to build up the child intellectually, emotionally and morally.

Dear education partners, the end of a school year is an opportunity for each of us to make an evaluation, i.e. to say to become aware of what has been done, what we have not been able to do and that deserved to be done. On the other hand, the beginning of a school year is the time to take stock of the previous year and to make projections for the following year. This is a project established on our child by emphasizing the material aspects (school tools), emotional (dialogue and permanent nourishment of the child’s emotional account) and moral (transmission of values). And when all of this is accompanied by ongoing monitoring and evaluation, it is the way – and only this one – success will appear!

Good start to the year and lots of courage.

Thank you.

The school director

The Integ College was created according to letter No. J2 / 707 / Mineduc / DEP of 04/02/1976 and decree No. 40/15 / MineSEC / SG / DESG / SDSEPESG / SSGEPESG of 02/23/2015. It is registered 7IC2GWBD112787115 at the Ministry of National Education