The management team

Our management team is made up of:

A school Director: he function of Director at IBC is intended to straddle several axes. Indeed, the tasks submitted to him are many and numerous. He takes care of the administrative, financial and material management of the staff and also manages the students.

The educational role of the headteacher is to manage the school project and the high school authorities – board of directors, class councils and discipline – the establishment of national directives, respect for discipline and of the internal regulations. He is also responsible for developing communication in order to soldify the suupport of the teachers in his school.

– A steward: assisted by the secretariat, the steward is responsible for all the financial and administrative management of the high school. He manages the study fees records, the work of service agents and the maintenance and security of the premises.

– A censor: he is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of studies and the general discipline of the establishment.

– 3 general supervisors: who ensure compliance with the imposed internal regulations. In addition to this task, they also take care of the registration of absences, the issuance of school documents such as entrance tickets, etc.