Presentation of the parents' school

Parents and schools have the same goal: the success of kids. Parents want to make their point of view and expectations heard and highlighted, mainly on the educational tools used by teachers.

It is this vision that the IBC pursues by defending the material and educational interests of the institution. Parents are full school players, and if they operate outside the walls, they have the right to give their opinion concerning the way of educating their children.
We are so far at IBC the only school that establishes "parents' school" as a psychoeducational activity. It is a forum led by a psychologist and which aims to give parents the tools that can enable them to understand their children and to establish a harmonious climate with them. These meetings are organized once a term and the presence of parents is mandatory. The discussions usually take place in a relaxed and open atmosphere. At the end of the session, a report faithfully summarizes the discussions and formalizes the decisions taken and the actions launched.