School uniform

In order to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the school and instill a spirit of equality in the students, the Ministry of National Education in Cameroon requires in its regulations the wearing of a school uniform. In order to respond to this, the IBC Executive Board chose a uniform for its students consisting of a checked shirt and pants with a green background. Young girls have the option of wearing pants or a skirt.

Prohibition of violence

Human relation must evolve in a healthy climate free from incivility. Because we want to train balanced and respectful young people, because we want to contribute to educating responsible and civilized citizens for our society, we raise up the importance on the fight against violence in all forms; whether verbal or physical, between students or between students and teachers. We are actively fighting against an institutional omerta and we are therefore committed to fighting, denouncing and punishing any act of brutality within our school. For any information related to the consequences resulting from acts of violence, please refer to our internal regulations.

Use of laptops and other electronic gadgets

The use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited within the establishment - confers Article 31 of the internal regulations

Prohibition on the consumption of drugs, alcoholic beverages and liquors

It is strictly forbidden to consume any stimulant or any alcoholic drink - see article 31 of the internal regulations At IBC we are responsible for the students not only for their training but also for their education !

It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol or any alcoholic drink and to indulge in any drinking bout within the school establishment. In addition, we strictly prohibit the visit of students in the drinking establishments around the College.